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Engine : 1497cc 1NZ-FE14 16V VVTi
Power : 109 HP
Gearbox : 4 Speed Auto
Top Speed : 180Km /h
0-100km/h: 13 seconds
Fuel Consump: 14km/l
Fuel Tank : 50 Litres
Weight : 1030kg
Model Year : 2002 – 2014


The Probox, (together with the Succeed) was designed to be versatile. To act both as a commercial vehicle but also able to act as an occasional passenger vehicle. However it is inclined more towards the commercial chores considering its spartan approach. It is devoid of comfort features that are taken for granted in most cars. It’s name testifies it all – Probox – Professional Box. It is a carrier. It was designed to be as tough as nails. With as minimum electronics as possible, it means it was meant to be utterly reliable, affordable and easy to maintain.
Because of its hard core nature, here the Probox is a people and cargo carrier. It is capable of hauling 400kg. However it is also in the market of aging and retired men because of its low maintenance costs.


The Probox has an Air Con, a basic radio, power mirrors and some come with power windows. That’s it. The dashboard is made of hard plastic. Body panels are exposed in some areas inside the car. You will be lucky if you receive yours with a proper back seat. The back seat is more of a cushioned bench. Otherwise, despite its spartan nature, the dashboard is well designed so the driver can easily reach all necessary buttons and switches.


The Probox didn’t find its way to Europe or Australia where they make stringent safety tests. In its current status, the rating could be on the lower side. However it does have Dual front Airbags and ABS. Visibility all round is excellent because it has a quite a large glass area and blind zones are little as it does not have thick pillars.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Probox on road. It will happily take you from point A to point B without much fuss. Of course it wasn’t designed for any excitement on the road. It bounces and jiggles all the way because it is designed to be a load carrier and it wears thin tyres. It is shod with 175mm tyre tread on 14in rims. You would need to pimp it a bit, and at a cost, to create some excitement out of this car. It has a good ground clearance to maneuver well over uneven surfaces.


Here is a car which when it was being designed, reliability was on top of the list. Here is a car with the fewest sensors under its skin. It was built to be abused. It is a Toyota Land cruiser 70 for saloons. If you can’t maintain a Probox, you can’t maintain any car. Proof is how popular it is in hauling humans and their cargo from one Trading Center to another. And it’s almost always overloaded. No other small car comes close to the Probox (of course except for it’s elder sister – The Succeed). This is an ideal car for the 3rd world. When it comes to reliability, the Probox scores 10 out of 10.


The reason why this car is not popular among the young men is because it has been ridiculed pa Social Media. Young men almost feel embarrassed to own this car. But you need to know something : It is an ideal car for everyone in the lower income bracket (and most Malawians are in this bracket). It’s an ideal car if you have projects. It is a car for hustlers. It will take you far and wide where your Tiidas and Polos cannot even sniff of (you can even have the 1.5L 4WD). Auto Electricians don’t love this car because it doesn’t bring them business. This car is among the best selling cars in the country. My advise to an average guy is to go for the Probox or better still the Suceed and tell everyone to mind their own business … Hail The Professional!… Hail The Probox!…