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Stansfield takes new Mitsubishi to Blantyre

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After successfully launching the new L200 Series Mitsubishi in Lilongwe recently, Stansfield Motors on Friday took the launch to Blantyre.

Stansfield General Manager, Michael Khomani, described the new Mitsubishi as an ultimate sports utility truck.

“This is to emphasise that it is versatile for personal as well as commercial purposes,” Khomani said.

He said the vehicle design is striking with vibrant exterior lines that project a commanding road presence and muscular, planted stance.

“The vehicle’s athleticism is expressed through sharp, muscular surfaces and a taut belt line. The new L200 has what we are calling a right size body that allows easy parking as well as manoeuvring in narrow streets, farm lands and footpaths without feeling frustrated.

“This also contributes to driving comfort as well as fuel economy. The cargo bed of the new L200 Mitsubishi has improved usability, with more depth and greater overall volume,” Khomani said.