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Mercedes Benz Style Teams Up With Lufthansa Technik For Luxury Jet Cabins

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Mercedes Benz Style, has joined forces with Lufthansa Technik and created a concept for the next generation of short to medium haul luxury private jet cabins.

The concept which was revealed in Geneva this week at the 2015 European Business Aviation Convention, eliminates the traditional delineation between ceiling, wall, and floor designs. Instead, the interior concept deploys what the companies refer to as a “spiral layout,” which melds the three design elements into a continuous, flowing feature which includes stunning hardwood floors and plush leather seating areas, and fully reclining chairs.

“It was an inspiring challenge to transfer our design philosophy of sensual purity into the area of aeronautical engineering. the spectacular architecture of the interior shows creativity and modernity. sensual surfaces and clear forms, combined with intelligent high-tech features and perfectly shaped modern luxury are the characteristic features of Mercedes-Benz design,” explains Gorden Wagener, vice president design daimler.