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Citroen reveals its rally return with strange C3 WRC video

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While the car looks cool, the video seems out of left field

Ahead of October’s Paris motor showCitroen revealed a digital version of its C3 WRC rally car. The C3 WRC replaces Citroen’s DS3 WRC from the French automaker’s recent years of rallying; this past season, Citroen sat out WRC competition in order to focus on developing the car seen in the video.

Due to some slight rule changes in WRC for the 2017 season, teams are allowed significantly more power, a more aggressive aero package and a 55-pound lower minimum weight. Power is up from 300 hp to 380 hp, which the Citroen’s turbocharged 1.6-liter will happily churn out. Will it be enough to shove Sebastien Ogier’s dominant Volkswagen Polo R out of the winner’s circle? We won’t know how much the rule changes will shake everything up until the start of the season.

Citroen plans to lift the cover off of its new car at the Paris show but teased its release with this strange night-vision-esque digital short. The rendered C3 WRC rips around the computer-generated rally stage, complete with engine noise, fans cheering and a strange song playing underneath it all. Sure, Nissan might take the cake when it comes to strangely cut auto show teasers, but this Citroen video is easily one of the weirdest rally-related teasers ever, even if it doesn’t temper how we feel about Citroen’s hopes during the 2017 WRC season.

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