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If you are in Malawi and you own a car but you don’t have what is called Road Traffic Card; you must pay attention to this brief write up of the Malawi Road Traffic department.  Every person has to be registered with the new Road Traffic Registration System and you will receive a Registration card.  This card warrants you to the ownership of a car. Without this card, you can of -course buy or sale a car but a problem will arise when you want to do vehicle change of ownership and any other vehicle transactions.

In order to obtain that Malawi Road Traffic Registration card you will need to visit the department close to your area to do the changes. You will need to take your driving licence or some other form of identification to the road traffic.

Talking of too much time to worst; it is obvious, there are long queues but with a number of staff to assist you. There are separate queues in Blantyre (and maybe other centres) for ladies and elderly people and pregnant women are given priority in the queues. It will still mean that you will stand for lengthy periods and it is recommended that you be at the Road Traffic offices as early as possible. They open Monday to Friday at 07.30am and in the morning hours only.



  • Takondwa says:

    Do you know the fee of this registration card? All official government websites are down

  • Robert Kirkham says:

    My son lives in Malawi and has a UK HGV lorry license. How can he obtain a Malawi HGV license and what does he need to pay ?
    Also he would like to upgrade to get a Malawi HGV license to drive articulated lorries in Malawi. How would he do that please and what would he have to pay ?

    from Mr R E Kirkham F.C.C.A. – ex Malawi Govt consultant for European Union funding

  • winston says:

    To people who are not in malawi, how can they get it?

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